IPL 2012 Pre-Tournament Power Ranking

This power ranking is based roughly on team composition before the start of the tournament and the assumption top five teams win a majority of their home games and win majority of their games against bottom four. Will be publishing individual team win / lose forecasting in subsequent posts, so that particular team fans can follow their team progress. Plan is to update power rankings at end of each week Monday thru Sunday. This year the top 4 finishers of IPL 2011 are still strong  and only Delhi Daredevils have augmented their weak batting line-up to challenge the top 4. Projecting 20 points as cut-off for qualifying for knock-out stage, since there are 4 fairly weak teams at the bottom, who may be league bottom dwellers again and pretty much out of reckoning at the end of week 4 of the tournament.


Pre-Tournament Power Ranking

Mumbai Indians

Expected # wins 13 of 16


Best squad Ambani money can buy but will that yield championship?

They pre-tournament favourites to top table

Seem to peak early in IPL 2010 and IPL 2011 Player Rotation going to be problem, after one defeat they will be tempted to try another combo. Players like D Karthik, K Pollard need to click on rare occasion they get to bat

Chennai Super Kings

Expected # wins 11 of 16


Been there and done that as a team for past 3 years!! Weak Indian fast bowling choice but they will play Jadeja & Ashwin

M Hussey , B Hilfenhaus missing for 9 matches –> maybe their investment in Bailey will payoff after 4 years

A bit of bother in Couple of batting spots – M Vijay not inform and getting Saha/Anirudh batting slot correct

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Expected # wins 11 of 16


Getting the foreign player combination right –>batsmen & Bowler going to be tough

C Gayle, V Kolhi and AB devillers depart early, RCB batting in trouble

Team balance going to be tough maintain – Indian Batsmen weak and lack of top flight Indian spin bowler

Kolkata Knight Riders Expected # wins 10 of 16


Gautam as Captain is just too nervous and it show in close games!

Getting the foreign player combination right is going to be tough

Rajat Bhatia, Lakshmi Ratan over performed last year but teams will have plans for their slower ones . Can Iqbal Abdulla shine again?

Delhi Daredevils

Expected # wins 9 of 16


Getting the foreign player combination right –>batsmen & Bowler going to be tough.

Batting strengthened K Petersen /Warner, M Jayawardena and V Shewag around Venu Rao & N Ojha can be handy

They lack quality spinners and allrounders last year they wanted fast pitch and got regular fare in Delhi

Kings XI Punjab

Expected # wins 7 of 16


Who is going to be there Paul Valthaty this year ?

There Foreign player combo is weird Gilly almost gone- last year except for two innings he was dreadful, D Hussey has not clicked in IPL, Shaun Marsh coming-off bad season

Deccan Chargers

Expected # wins 5 of 16


Under powered Indian batsmen

Ishant Sharma injury and trading P Ojha  have left them with one quality Indian bowler – A Mishra

Rajasthan Royals

Expected # wins 4 of 16


They are going miss Shane Watson (9 Games).

Not sure R Dravid deserves this kind of IPL farewell (maybe he will play next year)

Pune Warriors

Expected # wins 4 of 16


Sitting out Auction hurt them they do not  have  enough player

Really having S Ganguly lead is right direction for new franchise??



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2 responses to “IPL 2012 Pre-Tournament Power Ranking


    KKR might be change changer in this IPL ..MI with GOD captaincy (Not successful Captaincy career ) ll try there best.. As usual CSK ll try to do good with Good combination of INDIANS and FOREIGN Players..

  2. Venkatraman

    This IPL has been very competitive with PWI and RR punching above their weight. Should make it for a interesting last week in the league.

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